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WHO IS THIS FOR? Everyone is an improviser. Improv is not an innate talent, it's a skill that can be practiced, honed and used to incredible effectiveness in professional settings. Software engineers, marketers, analysts, salespeople, CEO's and interns all have something to learn from the practical improv skillset. At Oak and Reeds, we practice these skills in a safe, fun and productive manner by identifying when, where, and how you already improvise every day. HOW DOES IT WORK? We sit down with each of our clients to determine exactly which skills they seek to develop. Next, we create a learning plan uniquely designed for each organization. We then guide team members through live, custom workshops with activities picked precisely to work on the practical improv skills the organization seeks to develop. After each engagement, we leave participants with a development plan for how they can continue to practice these skills during regular business operations. Depending on the client's desire and need for change, these plans can be folded into pre-exisiting learning and development strategies or operate as an independent program.
Location: United States, California, San Francisco
Employees: 1-10
Phone: +1 415-851-4625
Founded date: 2015