Build the Extraordinary NZXT builds PC hardware for enthusiasts and gamers globally, we continue to grow and launch new products in the market year over year. After nearly 10 years building great PC Hardware Products, we're also starting a new division to build the best PC monitoring software with integration to the cloud, web, and our hardware. Our Core Values: Pursue Passion - We are a company of gamers creating the best products for gamers. Revel in that. Foster Community - Work among friends. Listen to and support our users. both ensure our continued success. Demonstrate Courage - Go beyond what's expected. Do not compromise or fear making mistakes. Be Humble - Confidence is vital, but there's always more to know and achieve. Accept Accountability - What we think, say, and do must be in complete alignment. Own victory and defeat. Look Further - Great ideas come from anywhere, not just our industry. Expand where you seek inspiration.
Member count: 51-200