NZT Solutions Pvt. ltd.

NZT Solutions Pvt. ltd.
‘Outgrow your Businesses with Limitless Innovation’ This is not just a rhetorical phrase but a proved mantra that has been adopted and adhered to by NZT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. A leading Mobile Software Outsourcing firm, NZT Solutions was established in March 2014 with a goal to provide customers with business solutions to help them grow their businesses and outperform their competitors. Through mobile app development solutions, our company has successfully managed to create a base of over 50 satisfied clients not only in India but in other major economies of the world including United States of America and the United Kingdom. Our Team Working behind the scenes is a dedicated team of over 60 talented personnel who work day in and day out to provide our customers the best in class services. Our award-winning UI/UX and SDK team is proficient in both enterprise and consumer-facing solutions and has helped us achieve a significant reputation in the mobile app development market by developing more than 40 apps in different ecosystems including Android, iOS, Windows etc. The NZT Idea! To ensure that we bridge the gap between your thoughts and our ideas, NZT follows a 5D modus operandi: 1. Discovery: The client’s requirements are gathered through various briefs and meetings. 2. Design: Developing an outline of the solution that we are providing to our client. 3. Development: At this stage, the design of the app is complete and the development process starts. 4. Deployment: At this particular stage, we acquaint our users with the app and train them for the app administration. 5. Delivery: Once all the necessities are complete, the app is finally ready to be dispatched and uploaded on the server. Why Wait? This is your chance to rapidly grow your business with one of the leading mobile app development companies and achieve what you desire. So, why wait? Reach us via our website:
Location: India, Delhi, New Delhi
Member count: 51-200
Founded date: 2014

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