Efficiency in Online Brokerage We are planning to create an online platform that is part social networking, having a forum for tenant to tenant interaction/competition, and part real estate brokerage site, using data to only list rentals or condos in buildings that meet a certain criteria. Data collection events will be coordinated where we have followers take a day to go visit a rental or property for sale and request 2 years of utility bills, which need to be provided by law. We also want our users to upload their utility information, in order to compete for prizes, awarding the most efficient apartment each month with a different incentive. Our debut project will be a community of hurricane resistant, near net-zero homes with slight differences on each. We will interact with the residents and collect data over the years regarding time spent on market, home sale price, resident satisfaction, etc. With identical homes, there will only be the energy efficient differences, and the residents behavior.
Member count: 1-10