NXTSTOR is a company founded in Columbus, Ohio that strives to provide storage solutions for everyone. The product will be both a website and mobile app with an easy user interface that allows those with space “the host” to identify its value and place a rental listing on it. To do this “the host” will be able to look at comparable prices for similar spaces in their area and define their prices. They are then able to define their terms on the space; such as duration of lease, and payment schedule. The users then upload pictures of the space and listing details. The hosts are given pages on the space for no charge and are able to be reviewed by renters. Renters then find the spaces and make the purchase, signing off on a the agreement and processing the payment. They are then given instructions by the host and are then able to drop off their items or set up for their events. Whether it be a large closet space, basement, barn, garage space, ballroom, or warehouse you are able to list whatever available space you have on the site. In short, NXTSTOR is a storage and event space peer-to-peer marketplace.
Location: United States, Ohio, Columbus
Member count: 11-50
Founded date: 2017