The HUDL of Strength & Conditioning, and Athletic Management A responsive workout management platform that enables coaches to design, organize and share customized workouts that automatically adapt to manage athlete progress and performance in real time. Mass training athletes can be a logistical nightmare. Coaches, athletes, and external strength and conditioning companies do not have a universal online platform to connect all athletic leadership to their athletes. From workouts, to nutrition, to sizing equipment; we can all share in the maintenance of making smarter decisions. Even though we have global customers, our three state business model allows NXTSet to work with manageable numbers before we increase our surface area. Our model consists of 1,000 high schools who have a student population of 400 or more students. Once this model is solidified, our footprint will expand across the United Stated where there are over 35,000 public high schools, 5,000 private secondary schools, and the club and little leagues teams they support.