We help organizations create the culture that retains and develops millennial talent We are a company building a system to help people take themselves to the next level. Personal development is of number one concern to millennials at work - and they're not getting it. This gap costs employers $20-30K per departed employee. NXT Level You is the only solution addressing this gap head on. Our team of (mostly) millennials is building the full suite of growth tools we wish we always had in a B2B SaaS model. This includes goal and habit tracking, online courses and personal coaching, holistic "quantified self" feedback, and community support. Leaders are empowered by insights and industry benchmarks to help them build happier and more productive workplaces and machine learning ensures the right actions are recommended to the right people at the right time. Our Foundation will host a "data commons" towards the intentional and progressive application of data for human development research.
Member count: 1-10