The STAR Center of Seattle - PTSD Stress Treatment And Recovery
Combat PTSD Treatment, Guaranteed The STAR Center meets the growing need for professional combat PTSD services in a personalized, service-oriented clinic. We combine evidence-based treatments and medication, and also offer support and education for the client's family. This comprehensive and intensive treatment is designed for individuals who are motivated for treatment but dissatisfied with the choices previously available. Our customer is someone who is affected by PTSD symptoms and understands this interrupts his or her life - preventing the type of success and productivity that they would normally be able to achieve. Our customer remembers what life was life before the trauma and wants to remove the roadblocks that stand in the way of feeling "normal" again. Through our concierge-type service and science-based program we can achieve this. We know we can help and we guarantee a significant decrease in symptoms - or full recovery - by following our program.
Member count: 1-10