At Nviron we are building swarms of automated intelligent machines to deliver essential environmental services to municipalities, beginning with street sweeping. Our technology, combined with our innovative operating model, will enable us to sweep municipal streets at a fraction of the current cost, whilst achieving higher levels of cleaning performance and zero emissions. This will result in visually cleaner streets, healthier air and watersheds and more money for municipalities to spend on complex projects such as fixing roads and parks. The main attraction of our technology is that it addresses an important problem for our clients, in a fragmented yet surprisingly large market, with favourable competitive dynamics. In addition, as a result of our operational model we are able to substantially simplify the autonomous driving task as compared to passenger and freight transportation autonomous vehicles, leading to a much shorter time to market. We are a dynamic team of engineers with a diverse background in robotics, AI and investment banking in the public infrastructure sector. We are looking to add a 2-3 members to the founding team with experience in robotics, computer vision and software development. We are fully funded through the seed stage and have a focused plan to close a Series A investment in the short term.
Location: United States, California, San Francisco
Member count: 1-10
Founded date: 2018