nVipani Technology Solutions Private Limited

nVipani Technology Solutions Private Limited

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Blockchain Technology Based Supply Chain Management Solution nVipani is a startup that wants to make supply chain management ubiquitous, affordable, and easy to use. The smart supply chain management solution from nVipani, valUchain? takes supply chain traceability to the next level. It removes blind spots in the chain, connects even the most remote, rural production units to the global market, and achieves maximum efficiency at all levels in the supply chain. nVipani enables businesses to achieve unprecedented levels of traceability and visibility across the entire supply chain using advanced technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things IoT), and Deep Learning. nVipani is gaining popularity among diverse verticals for its cloud-delivered and connected Smart Supply Chain Management (SSCM) solutions. nVipani has foraged ahead of others harnessing immutable, irrefutable technologies to eradicate counterfeits, pilferage, and supply chain fraud.
Location: India, LIC Colony
Member count: 11-50