Real Time Social Network (Whatsapp) The Product: A Social Network that allows people to connect to those currently around them in real-time. Customer Use: Social Networking use to be in person and through friends. Now a days everything has moved to various online platforms and has hindered peoples ability to engage in personal interactions with others. Our app allows our users to filter those around them by age, gender, interests, etc. and communicate with someone they already have something in common with. Our mission is to use our platform as a way to break the ice with people and bring them back to face-to-face communication, as it would be a more efficient and convenient way to continue their online conversation. The customer: Any person constantly on the go. High school and university students, world travellers, business men and woman. Our app can be used anywhere you have your phone. Buses, Airplanes, Cruises, Airports, Coffee shops, School Campus, Networking Events, Concerts, Hotels and Resorts.