Next Generation of Topical Analgesics NuvoCool topical analgesic products for both human and animal markets are based on very new medical research involving pain receptor triggers (agonists) and blocking of pain receptors (antagonists). Although large pharmaceutical companies are investing billions of dollars to develop synthetic prescription oral nociceptor blockers, none are near completing needed clinical trials and are years away from market introduction. The model for our non-prescription OTC NuvoCool products is based upon a unique design never used before in the topical analgesic industry. Based on a online survey conducted by consumers recently purchasing NuvoCool Topical Analgesic Gels, 100 %t stated that our product was far better or better than competitive products, reducing muscle and joint pain by an average of 82 percent. The products are based on natural occurring compounds that are all FDA generally safe and effective. Three patents have been filed, including development of itch and dermatitis products.