Nuuon Trends & More
No Wires. No Batteries. No Limits The industry offers many different systems to handle jobs in villas/offices. Shutters are provided with remote controls, producers of electric material introduce solutions for intelligent light control on the market, multifunctional remote controls simplify the operation of all kinds of entertainment media and producers of heating systems integrate comprehensive controls. The problem is that these systems all work very well individually but not combined. Nuuon bridges these systems, making them work as one. So, with a regular light switch, it is now possible to operate shutters, heaters and music. Only Nuuon with EnOcean wireless technology supports battery-less and maintenance-free sensors that can be freely positioned: switches next to the doors, temperature sensors at the work-place, and motion detectors in the middle of the rooms. Nuuon talks e.g. to EnOcean, Zigbee, Z-Wave, KNX, Modbus, DMX, Eaton XComfort, digitalSTROM, 1-Wire, HomeMatic, LCN, Allnet, SPS, Nest, Siri and more.