Transform BoP Up the Social Ladder in Sustainable Farm2Fork Nu.AgriChain Power Ultimate Awesome CHALLENGE Ultra Low Cost Resources & Investments for Food-Feed-Fuel-Fibre-BioChemicals Cultivation with less footprints of soil-land-nutrients-water-labour-waste-energy for healthier lifestyle, on Green Chemistry Handprint Social Enterprise Unleash+Transform BoP-Bottom of Pyramid Future to UpSize their economic power in Farm2Fork chain with jobs or enterprise startup options Our BM is *Business to Business B2B Contract Farming for 1-Quality-Vegetables/Fruits/Seeds/Algae/Mushrooms etc 2-Medicinal Herbs-Personalize Personal Healing Food 3-Plant Feed-Animals/Aqua/Helici/Bugs Culture 4-Bio Oil-Omega 3/Essential Oil/Pharmaceuticals 5-Bio-Fuel/Mass etc *Business to Consumer B2C Nu.Plantation MNC 1-Local Frresh Vegetables/Fruits/Seeds/Algae/Mushrooms etc 2-Value Add Processing 3-Home Delivery 4-SetUp Home-Restaurant-Office Mini-Farm 5-Sale of GroWoW Kits + Mini Verti-SPACE FRAME HYPER...... BUSINESS GROWTH POTENTIAL for Low Carbon Circular Economy TakeOff