Changing the way teachers blend their class time instruction with online resources Nutmeg is a SaaS platform that teachers use to identify and remedy gaps in student understanding. Nutmeg saves teachers time by allowing them to easily create Common Core tests/quizzes from both shared and certified question banks. Teachers love our easy-to-understand performance reports, but what teachers and students love most about Nutmeg is that students continue to get practice questions and Open Education Resources targeted to areas they struggle with. Nutmeg realizes the challenges of adopting new assessment software into schools and districts. While new assessment solutions can provide better features than legacy systems, it's sometimes difficult to overcome the challenges of implementing a new system. Nutmeg's REC (Remedial Education Center) turns this challenge into a selling point by using data from schools' and districts' existing assessment solutions to provide each student with their own Individual Success Plan aligned with the Common Core.
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