NuTech Medical
Fast dissolving Pharmiceuticals & Nutraceuticals Fast dissolve Generic Drug and Nutraceuticals for export and U.S.A. OTC markets for CBD Oil based Strips. Generic life style drugs are being counterfeited as much as 70% outside of U. S. Example Viagra. We partnered with a sublingual manufacturer to produce our own formulated products under our own private labels. Our CDB for human is labeled as "Smooth CBD 40 & 80". Designed to take the taste of CBD oil out and replace with Mint. Also it allows for accurate dosage. 10 Mill. and 20 Mill. Our CBD Oil Based product is set for production as soon as we recieve our first round of funding. Designed to sell in the National OTC markets through 7/11, Nutraceutical shops and Smoke/Vapor shopes. We also have a pet version called Happy Pet to relax dogs that bark too much. We have 4 generic drugs that require Bio-Equivelance testing in the countries we plan on selling in. We do not disclose the names or make ups of the product line until we file International Trade Marks/Patents.
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