REAL eco-friendly holidays We believe in green and respectful businesses, which means : Really respecting nature and empower local communities to form a strong sharing and caring link. We want to show off that it is now possible to have a lifestyle which respects nature without impose ourselves a radical and difficult change. Mass tourism and our consumption patterns have left scars on many idyllic places. We want to be a showcase and impulse for the birth of a new truly ecological tourism which also contributes to local communities. We want build a real eco-friendly hotel which will give back a part of its benefits to empower the people of Sumba island, and help them to get access to more amenities (clean water, electricity,...) and a better education. This place will not only be a showcase of eco-friendly solutions in a wide range of areas (construction / energy / water / agriculture ....) but also a wonderful place to stay in holidays and discover the amazing local culture and traditions.