Nurse retention engine Nightingale is a mobile communications platform to improve nursing retention and engagement. Poor nursing retention is a widespread, expensive and costly problem which is a top 5 priority for US hospital CEOs, because 1 in 6 nurses will quit their jobs, costing $50k and 9 months to replace. Nightingale targets non-compensation causes of nursing turnover and is a mobile application on nurse phones which provide HIPAA secure messaging, shift alerts, reward and recognition, and continuous feedback. Shift alerts are announcements of newly available open shifts that nurses can pick up to make extra cash, a highly sticky feature driving engagement. Reward and recognition allows nurses to reward peers or managers for actions that are aligned to company values, the recognition of which is broadcast in a newsfeed and leaderboards. Continuous feedback is concise structured feedback amongst nurses and managers empowering a culture of on-the-fly coaching.
Member count: 1-10