Nurse At Your Door
On-demand nursing services Nurse at Your Door (NAYD) is a mobile nursing service, accessible via app, web, and phone, run by experienced and knowledgeable people in the nursing and home care areas. We deliver high-quality professional care on demand or at your convenience to your location, when you?re sick or when you want to feel your absolute best. Core services include: Case Management, General Health & Wellness, Prescription Delivery & Supervision, Doctor-Prescribed Treatments, Caregiver Education, and Private Duty Shift Work. NAYD also delivers wellness programs at venues and events throughout Los Angeles, including vitamin IVs and shots on-demand. We offer shots like B12 Boost, Extra Energy, Serenity, and Mood Boost, from our friends at Pure Vitality Rejuvenation Center. NAYD launched in the Los Angeles region in 2015, and will expand beyond that area in 2017.
Member count: 1-10