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Single-serve meal replacements and supplements in compostable, eco-friendly pods Instant meal replacements and supplements in compostable pods. Stop skipping meals and give your body the nutrition it deserves. It?s a tasty meal in seconds that will save you time, money and designed for your health and the environment in mind. Nu Pods are instant, single-serve meal replacements with ingredients to help your body thrive, served in a compostable pod. Using our specially designed shaker, you simply add water, shake and drink. Nu Pods are designed to leave a minimal impact on our environment ? they are easily recycled in your 'Green Bin' or home compost. Plant food becomes food for plants! Designed for people on the go, from conquering the concrete jungle, exploring the world or working to a deadline, we have your nutrition covered when you don?t have time to sit down and enjoy a healthy balanced meal. Made for good people who make bad food choices.
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