The world's first tortilla toaster Most people warm their tortillas on a stove or in a microwave. While the stovetop method provides the most authentic tortilla texture; it requires a person to monitor and flip the tortillas to avoid burning them. Although, the microwave method can be convenient and effortless; the results often end in soggy and bland tortilla texture. Our electric tortilla toaster can prepare up to 6 hot tortillas perfectly in under 1 minute. The Nuni Toaster was engineered for the commercial 6-inch tortilla, which represents 85% of the US tortilla industry (estimate at $12B in 2014). MSRP $99.95. The essence of our product is parallel with that of bread and bread toasters. We have combined the two most popular methods for warming tortillas at home into a revolutionary new kitchen appliance. The Nuni Toaster combines the authentic tasting results of a stove with the convenience and ease of use of a microwave.
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