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NumbersAlive! became an approved public charity, NumbersAlive! Foundation during February 2021. NumbersAlive! Foundation, aka, NumbersAlive! is dedicated to alleviating math anxiety and improving global numeracy by making math meaningful. We mentor learners to find math's relevance in areas of their own interest using their their own voice. Students of all ages join the inquisitive numeric characters – plush toys, puppets, and animated characters – as they explore the relevance of mathematical concepts worldwide-- through context created by students themselves. NumbersAlive! includes learning tools (books, plush number characters, games, puzzles, and more) and out-of-school activities and programming. We use the arts and real-world adventures to encourage children to observe and speak about numbers in their own environments. This establishes a solid knowledge foundation for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) academic subjects. Team Ten, led by Zero the Hero, accompanies The Numbers Lady and children on innovative, interpersonal, and interactive global education quests. They discover numerical applications and develop concepts of the scientific method. The learning adventure begins now! Dr. Rebecca Klemm, The Numbers Lady, is the founder and Chief Numaginist of the NumbersAlive! Foundation.
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Location: United States, District of Columbia, Washington
Employees: 1-10
Founded date: 2021