Your To-Know List In the "big data" age, consumers also face a significant challenge - there is so much content out there... Numbeez created the first news platform that enables users to stay up to date on the most important things in their lives, by tracking numbers. We are all surrounded by numbers in almost everything we do (sports, finance, weather, shopping, ratings and so much more) and numbers help us stay updated with very little effort (no articles, no text) - just with visuals and infographics. Numbeez essentially enables consumers to create their own personalized news feed, create their own stories and easily share them. Numbeez is available on iOS and Android and our first web application will be available in early June 2013. In April 2013 we released our #Track It feature that helps users track any number (that updated regularly) from (almost) anywhere on the web. For the first time, users can create their own use and decide how often they want to be updated.
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