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Edtech mktplace: Coursera + Airbnb + Mentoring Nujam is probably the best way to learn tech ? Nujam gets students & adult teched up for Jobs, Startups, Businesses with in-demand courses like HTML5, Javascript, Android Apps, Data Analytics etc., within 8-12 weeks, starting @ INR 10k ? Blended ed-tech marketplace model: Coaches with best curated online tech content (coursera, udemy etc) mentored by industry experts (on contract) in shared work spaces (companies, co working, colleges) thru synchronized, group learning (20 people meet Tue, Thu @ 7 pm) ? Nujam solves the problem of learning tech & employability by making tech coaching super simple & effective, and provides access to quality talent for companies, startups ? nujam.in = best of (Coursera + NIIT + Expert mentoring + Application based learning)
Location: India, Area
Member count: 1-10