High Power lithium ion batteries for mobile robots NuGen Systems, LLC develops and manufactures High Power Li-ion batteries for indoor mobile material handling vehicles. At present, 99% of these vehicles use Lead Acid batteries. NuGen batteries allow these customers to have batteries that are 9x smaller in capacity, up to 33% lower in upfront costs, and last 2.5 times longer and in many cases provide for a zero-downtime, lead-free operation. Rapid re-charge rates (5C rate) and long operational life (5 years under 24/7 use) makes NuGen batteries the best for Opportunity Charging methods that are used in indoor Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV). In addition, the ability to fully re-charge the batteries in less than 30 minutes can reduce the downtime for such vehicles. Patent pending innovative communication and management technologies give our batteries an edge over other battery types and potential competitors. We have completed our design & have customers who have tested and expressed interest in buying our product upon launch.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $60K