NuGEN Technologies

NuGen Technologies is the holding company of a group of companies that specialises in the Power Engineering industry and specifically on Power Transformer Solutions (including designs, refurbish, repairs, installation, testing, sales & marketing, assessments, and components), on-line Transformer and Generator condition and performance monitoring, Power Engineering Asset Management, Switchgear, electrical motors, Insulating Oils, Supply Chain Management and Sourcing of equipment and services. The reason for the establishment of NuGen Technologies is to diversify its complementing relationships in the value chain of all the related products and services. NuGen Technologies will play a major role in the utility industry and its key focus will be the establishment of long-term partnerships for the provision of services, products and solutions, directly to the application in an effective and efficient manner. With its team having more than 40 years of experience in the utilities industry with Power Engineering products and services, NuGen Technologies is absolutely familiar with the product need in the market, processes, its applications, technical criteria, performance history, specifications, usage, tender evaluation and contracting. We therefore intend to play a leading role in the supply of our products, solutions and associated services to the Southern African and other African regions. We believe that NuGen Technologies has the resources, market- and product knowledge that, provides the competitive advantage necessary to fulfill specific needs in the industry.
Founded date: 2010

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