Pre-packaged weddings On average, weddings cost Australians $36k, because everything - from the catering to the flowers to the music - is run by individual businesses. We sell pre-packaged weddings for $18k. We employ a team of experienced wedding specialists operating in-house on full time salaries - which means couples enjoy premium service for much less. Our clients can style and customise their wedding at home on their iPad while our team executes their vision; maintaining creative control whilst relinquishing organisational headaches. We have taken advantage of the struggling commercial property sector to take out two very affordable leases in empty warehouses. Creating a win win win win win scenario. Landlords win: vacancies reduced + earnings soar Agents win: fewer vacancies + less management Clients win: lower costs + less planning Wedding suppliers win: consistent income + quality control We win: scalable product + a large de-risked real estate portfolio