25c Flat Rate Merchant Transaction Fees Nudipay is a mobile-first wallet and loyalty payment ecosystem which changes the game. Our flat fees of 25c per transaction helps merchants to save a lot of money. We offer loyalty in the app and geo-location to find merchants. We work with SMS and customers can load cash into the app via their bank, bringing the 'unbanked' to the digital payments world. We offer online payments and we are vastly cheaper than Paypal. We can save customers money on remittances and merchants can design their loyalty schemes to suit their customers. The premise is this: if you were to invent a secure means of transacting today given the security and functionality available on a mobile phone, you would not invent a credit card. You wouldn't invent the visa and mastercard clearing system either. You would invent Nudipay. We just did a pitch to a telco which saves them around $4m per year in credit card fees on bill payments alone. Every merchant is very interested in saving money with Nudipay.