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Coffee that kicks acid! Problem = Bitter brew face. When you hit coffee grounds with 200 deg. water, it activates a lot of chemicals, acid and oils, which make it into your coffee mug. N?Br? is cold brew coffee that is brewed for over 14 hours using cool Rocky Mountain water that is less acidic than hot brewed coffee. This makes N?Br? smoother, never bitter and easier on the stomach. We have three flavors that are crisp and fresh: Coffee Noir: Water and organic coffee from 100% Arabica beans - that's it. But that's what makes it so seductive! Classic and smooth. Pi?on: A perfect match - coffee beans and wild Rocky Mountain pine nuts brewed with pure Rocky Mountain water. This flavor has delicate nutty notes on top of the refreshing medium body. Sweet and Creamy - Coconut: All the creaminess of other bottled coffees with only 70 calories per 12.5 oz bottle.
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