Founded in 2016 with a mission to elevate travel. Our foundation starts with a profound belief that good design can improve every trip. We couldn’t stand the world of indistinguishable hotel rooms and never felt quite comfortable staying in someone else’s home, so we created something different. A new place, where deep empathy for the guest combined with thoughtful design result in a transformative experience. We deliver on this promise by treating each property as a separate concept. This means thinking critically about the intent behind every guests'​ visit​ and designing the space accordingly. Our commitment extends beyond the physical space too - by working with local brands, organizations, and individuals we are crafting experiences that expose our guests to new ideas, challenge their beliefs, and ultimately help them grow. We are relentlessly breaking through mediocrity and trying to see what others don’t. We like outliers and exceptions, because that’s how we discover and learn. We travel for the same reasons, and our accommodations are just that - different. For careers service, please contact us at careers@nuagestays.com For any other request, please contact us at info@nuagestays.com
Location: Canada, Montreal (06), Montreal
Member count: 11-50
Founded date: 2016