Mind control an emerging industry Procedures created and designed off of the newly discovered 'memory code' that locks and unlocks memories adjusting their hierarchy. Noninvasive and non-medical applications. Tested and proven 100% effective on 'Back End' unloading memories since 2006; Past Memory Hierarchical Cognitive Override (PMHCO). PMHCO guarantees a 100% zero re-occurrence in traumatic event memories, which have been proven to be the cause of: depression, anxiety, phobias, coping mechanisms, P.T.S.D. and suicidal ideation. Applications are quick, easy, proven and endorsed. Training classes for mental health professionals in 'Back End' unloading starting at $5,000.00 for full certification. In the 'Front End' loading applications utilizing the same code as in 'Back End', so it is now possible to have predictive programming that is covert. Applications for 'Front End' loading; social conformity, commercial marketing, religious, and political. Nu-Rekall is advanced mind science technologies.