No Squeeze Toothpaste Dispenser - Developed by HCP Are you one of those people who use the back of the toothbrush or the bathroom counter to squeeze all the toothpaste from the tube? What a mess! In addition, it?s frustrating, and wasteful! So, do you also hide the twisted, rolled-up and unattractive tube in a drawer so guests will not see it?? If so, you are like a million other consumers that have been doing this ritual your entire life! THE PROBLEM: How do you eliminate the frustrating, and wasteful tasks of getting the toothpaste out the tube without squeezing it, and how do you hide the unattractive tube until the next time used? THE SOLUTION: Nu-b-2b is the most advanced hygiene dispenser that eliminates the waste, the squeezing and the rolling. Plus, it hides unsightly tubes, and has an area for corporate or personal branding.
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Total raised: $13K