Spice up your text life! NTWC, LLC is an image-based technology company that enables intimate communications in an environment that promotes privacy and respect for all. Our goal is to create a comprehensive messaging platform that is engaging, fun, and, in turn, reduces body shaming and sexual violence. We have released two apps on the iOS App Store: flirtyQWERTY? and Plume?. flirtyQWERTY is a keyboard app with sophisticated, flirty emojis that you can send from any app on your phone or from our password-protected app. Plume is a free, private messaging app offering security features that keep your private conversations private. For example: the photos you take in the app stay in the app; an optional password to open the app; color-coded chats so you don?t send a text to the wrong John or Jane; and the option not to back up your content to the cloud. To enhance your texts, Plume has nearly 400 unique emoji and stickers, including characters of different races, sizes, ages, and sexual orientations.
Total raised: $200K