Marketplace for Enterprise IT - AirBnB (discovery) meets Quora (user research) Enterprise IT sales seems to be stuck in a time-warp in the last 20 years. Buyer perspective: Discovery and evaluation is a problem and ?Independent? research is too expensive, and often sponsored. Access to peer evaluation is available to few. Vendor perspective: Sales is not democratic and is dependent on relationships. Controlled by expensive consultants and analysts. Nterprise.IT aims to Democratize and Disrupt the enterprise software Sales Process. We are building a Marketplace along the lines of AirBnb augmented by User Generated Research, like Quora. The platform enhances the IT buyer's experience of discovery, comparison and decision-making through the following: 1. Aggregate "quality" products by following a basic curation model 2. Generate and layer new data signals(eg: who uses which products, which product has high usage in retail sector etc) 3. Facilitate interaction between buyers and current users/vendors
Member count: 1-10