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NTENT provides Search and Conversational AI Platforms, empowering our partners to add search and conversational intelligence to anything. Maintain your data and direct relationships with your customers when you customize, localize and integrate our search, natural language understanding, and Q&A technologies directly into your lines of business.NTENT employs a machine learning algorithmic approach to comprehend and interpret massive amounts of information across the Web. Using the company’s proprietary search engine, ontology, and knowledge graph, NTENT makes it easier to decipher meaning, surfacing the most relevant answers, results, content, and ads, via conversational interfaces or text. NTENT’s natural language processing (NLP), clustering algorithms and spatial-temporal analysis, capture and apply behavioral search data insights that give businesses a competitive edge, allowing them to optimize time spent on research, development and delivering better customer experiences.
Location: United Kingdom, Scotland, Glasgow
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Founded date: 2010

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