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NTC Adventures

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This is a Bangalore based group formed by some ardent adventure freaks and people who dare.. We provide you with an experience for YOUR upliftment through adventure sports with our customized well suited programmes specially designed for YOU!!! Well not just that this about much more.. you know how we make new friends, get to the highest of the peaks.. TRAVEL !! EAT!! Feel the Wind !! Try out new freaking adventure activities.. and grab some warmth...from the Campfire of course!! We'll be expanding our area of expertise very soon with great new adventure possibilities in and around Bangalore and Throughout the Country!! How would you like that?? So, all I'm saying is join us, stay connected...and you can have it all !! List of Activites: Organizing treks, forest trails, Cave Exploration, Rock Climbing, Cycling events, Rapelling, Zip line, Jummaring, High Rope Traverse, Outbound Training, Corporate and Community Outings!! and a lot more for the adventure freak inside YOU!!!! :)) This is an unique startup with great vision to expand the horizons of adventure sports in India. For the better of the human kind it is vital for us to create a green conscious society, a daring and a endeavoring generation which will look at the nature as a true friend gradually making this club the synonym of adventure!! Thats all for now.. Cya'll at our camps !!
Location: India, Rajasthan, Jaipur
Phone: +91 75689 03231

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