Predictive Maintenance using ML Maintenance procedures haven?t changed in 100 years: something breaks, you call a technician, and they hopefully fix it. Planned maintenance plays a part where uptime is important, but it?s too expensive (why 98% of refrigeration operators forego it) and ineffective. NoWatt has designed, manufactured, sold, and delivered a cost effective technology to collect, store, and autonomously analyse the working of millions of appliances. We want to apply this technology (at scale) to predictive maintenance. Instead of waiting for something to fail, NoWatt has the proven technology to prevent disruption, minimise energy waste, reduce maintenance bills, and prolong product life: we reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We want to build a maintenance management company, using our own IP to revolutionise the refrigeration/AC service business. As a specialised FM company, we will be of enormous value to ?dumb? FM providers, manufacturers, and service conglomerates.