NumBee eliminates needles in Dentistry! The NumBee Tip is manufactured by Novoject USA and is designed to eliminate needles in dentistry. The NumBee tip does not penetrate tissue therefore reduces pain from a traditional needle.Numbness begins almost immediately (instead of waiting 10 minutes in the chair), and the duration is only 35-40 minutes versus 3 1/2 hours.This will be preferred by dentists since there will not be a potentially infectious hole in tissue, and there is no facial numbness associated with this approach of anesthetizing only the target tooth. There are 805 million dental needles sold world-wide each year. The NumBee tip has a list price of $1.25 making this a $1 Billion annual sales opportunity. We are a brand new company with 250,000 NumBee parts already manufactured and paid for. Our 2nd month sales revenue surpassed $25,000 without any advertising....word of mouth and conference exhibiting only. NumBee is a patent pending, Class I device, registered with the FDA.
Member count: 1-10
Total raised: $650K