NovoGenie is a platform for discovering and developing yourself, team & organization Everything starts by developing people. You may have the best business strategy but still you may not succeed without motivated people. You don't have to change or laid out your people, instead you can develop them along your business! Once our users subscribe to our online service, the journey start by discovering what kind of potential they 've, how much they are using, road-map to achieve the full potential, discover in their net-workmate whom, how & why can develop each other. Special subscription package to organisation to build efficient teams matching the end goal of the project,collaboration tools, conflict management tips.Top mangers, discover the innovation potential inside organisation, accelerate the innovation process, predict the outcome if disruptive or incremental. save the time ,effort and cost of hiring and firing , customize the their employment training . Marketplace for the coaches to scale up their business, to promote their services world wide with revenue share
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