Simple, smart security with no contracts or required monthly fees Novi is a two-piece security system that includes the 4-in-1 Sensor and the Relay Station. The Sensor combines a (1) HD camera, (2) motion detector, (3) smoke detector, and (4) siren into an all-in-one device that is placed on the ceiling and has the appearance of a smoke detector. With four AA alkaline batteries, this Sensor gets over one year of battery life. The Relay Station is the brains of the system. It connects to a user?s home or business router and creates a wireless, private network for the Sensors to connect to. Once this system is armed using the Novi app on a user?s smartphone or tablet, if it detects motion or smoke, it snap three pictures, sound an alarm, and sends the pictures as a short video clip to your connected smartphone. Using the app you can decide whether to (1) call the police, (2) sound the siren (if it is not set to sound by default), (3) request another short video clip, or (4) dismiss the alarm if everything is okay.
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