Ebook club for new/undiscovered authors Noveltunity? will be the world's first ebook/audio book club which exclusively features new/undiscovered writers. We will help create new writing stars and empower readers with the ability to launch these new voices. Our customers will be readers, writers, agents, publishers and entertainment companies. Websites like Goodreads (with over 20,000,000 members), Smashwords and Amazon prove there is a huge market for new authors. During our eighteen month of development, we have garnered interest from potential customers in thirty nations spanning every continent with the exception of Antarctica. We started a soft rollout in mid-June. This has resulted in articles and blogs being written about Noveltunity? in publications based in the US, UK, Australia, India and Austria among others. Noveltunity?'s time is now. We are seeking a credible investor to make this a reality.