Nova TheraNostics Inc

NovaTheranostics (NTN) is developing a next generation ultra-high definition contrast imaging agent (NTN-101) that enhances image quality, and extends viable image time, with a more attractive safety profile. MRI Market - Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is an important aspect of the medical management of many health conditions. MRI allows for an improvement in medical decision making, disease and response assessment, and guides therapeutic decision making. In the US there are 30 million MRI's a year with about one third of these procedures including an imaging agent to improve the quality and usefulness of the imaging event. Current Contrast Agents - While contrast agents enhance the utility and functional use of MRI, they also have several significant shortcomings which include the short viable image time, the method of elimination from the body, and the signal to noise ratio. The majority of the contrast agents used today are derived from gadolinium based compounds which has many excellent properties for providing clarity on multiple tissue types in the body.  NTN-101 was designed specifically to address some of the limitations associated with existing gadolinium based contrast agents. In scientific studies to date we have demonstrated that NTN-101 provides--
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Founded date: 2010

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