Enabling affordable Healthcare through high quality, low cost surgical products _____________________________________________________________________________ NovaProbe empowers Healthcare providers to deliver high quality, affordable care through a range of surgical products. Specifically, NovaProbe designed and markets a complete end-to-end solution for surgeons to perform laparoscopic surgery. These products fit extremely well in emerging Healthcare markets as they have the desired high quality and are available at low price points. A complete laparoscopy tower is marketed with products falling within the Surgical Visualization Equipment & Accessories category. This tower consists of: HD Monitor, HD Camera System, LED and Xenon Light Sources, CO2 Insufflator, and Surgical Instruments (Trocars, Graspers, Forceps, Retractors, Bipolar instruments, Scopes). NovaProbe partners with medical device distributors in emerging markets including India, Brazil, and the Middle East.
Member count: 1-10