Nova Extraction

Nova Extraction
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Nova Extraction is an engineering company based in the UK. Our values are sustainability, innovation and a positive impact on the environment. Our goal is to disrupt the status quo and deliver excellent products and services to our customers. At Nova we design, build and deploy high-pressure hardware; mostly for clean-tech extraction of high-value ingredients from plant materials. We offer highly efficient, modular, off-the-grid and mobile supercritical fluid CO2 extraction (SFE) industrial equipment, both for sale and for rent. Though recently incorporated, for more than 10 years we designed and improved our hardware which we now manufacture in-house. We build a wide range of systems based on 5-, 25-, 50- and 100-litre extraction vessels with throughputs ranging from 1 to 100kg of raw material an hour. Some of the areas of application are: • extracting flavours and fragrances (for example essential oils from flowers); • up-cycling food processing waste (for example getting coffee oil from spent coffee grounds); • extracting specific active chemicals (for example CBD and THC from hemp).  Starting from 2021 we opened a trials facility in the UK and now accepting requests for trials or small commercial extraction runs. We invite companies of all sizes to explore the benefits of CO2 extracted products.
Location: United Kingdom, England, London
Member count: 1-10
Founded date: 2018