Paint By Numbers For Gardening Nourishmat and Herbmat gardens empower people to grow fresh herbs, vegetables and flowers in small spaces. All you have to do is roll the Nourishmat out onto any healthy soil area, rooftop garden or raised bed, plug it into the optional built-in irrigation, push the included pre-planted seedballs into their matching planting holes and you can grow 25-30 pounds of healthy fresh produce without having to worry about weeding and digging. Our customers desire to lead healthier lifestyles, a desire that is reflected from active wear to healthy diets. In urban environments locally grown produce is costly and difficult to access, and for many, does not fulfill the desire to grow their own. However, home gardening requires a great amount of time, attention and knowledge - a combination that makes the idea of gardening daunting to most new or inexperienced gardeners. Not only do we help people grow food, but for every Nourishmat YOU BUY, WE GIVE four meals to kids suffering from hunger.

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