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Nouflex LLC
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WHO WE ARE. Perform 200+ exercises with this complete home fitness system: NOUFLEX is a versatile fitness system used for (1) strength and core training, (2) flexibility training, and (3) functional training - all in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Low-impact training safely increases strength and mobility: A low-impact design minimizes the harmful strain that can come from traditional gym equipment and workouts. The board is supported by shock-absorbing feet made from the same material used to protect NASA’s shuttle cameras from violent forces. Leveled training achieves muscle, weight, and movement goals: Exercises allow people of all fitness levels to safely gain the functionality and strength needed for improved everyday movement, increased caloric burn, or more complex athletic goals. Resistance and balance exercises can be modified to suit both beginners and advanced users, and the user’s guide and separate app provide workout plans. Equipment is lightweight and made for comfort: NOUFLEX comes complete with a lightweight baseboard and all needed accessories. Featured among these accessories are handle bands and mini bands with three intensity levels, and a seat cushion to aid kneeling or sitting exercises. When used with the baseboard, the resistance bands minimize the risk of injury while ensuring optimal results. High-Quality, Family-owned, USA-made product: NOUFLEX is a family-owned business created by a Boston-based personal trainer, who prides himself on the quality of his product. Made in the USA, without outside investors, NOUFLEX is based on years of personal training experience, science, and the passion to help others effectively achieve their physical goals.
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Location: United States, Massachusetts, Boston
Employees: 1-10
Phone: +1 800-524-0899
Founded date: 2014