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Notifications from your home to your smartphone Notifon is a wireless Internet-connected device that sends you instant notifications based on real life events on your home, no matter where you are. It's an universal trigger that can send Push Notifications on your SmartPhone, Tweets, Emails and more. Notifon use cases: -Send a push notification on your smartphone when the garage door is open/closed. -Use it as a cheap alarm system for your rented flat. -Send a tweet when new mail arrives. -Know when someone opens the fridge, your safe or the guns cabinet. -Send push notification on water leak. -Know when your kids are back home by putting Notifon on your entry door. -Get notified when somebody rings at your doorbell. -Build a cool Twittering toaster like @mytoaster. -Set up a Notifying Cat Door for your cat! (cc @PepitoTheCat) -Tell your customers when your store is open or closed by sending a tweet.
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