The pure pencil and paper replacement Noteslate is a Moleskine for digital age, truly an essential pen and paper replacement. Simple. Intuitive. Personal. We're in EVT phase of hardware development of 3 different Noteslate sizes (6.8", 9.7", 13.3"). We are launching iOS Noteslate app in May. Noteslate is monochrome paper alike tablet device based on e-paper display and stylus touch and unique Noteslate handwriting interface. Noteslate is bringing simplicity and personality of pen and paper into digital interaction and it's opening up new possibilities of handwritten creativity, communication, education, sharing, collaboration. The standalone and unique handwritten network. Part of the internet. Drawing, writing and note taking for workspace and for fun. Handwriting was always part of our culture or civilization, as any culture before. There is AR, VR, mobile... and 70% of people still use simple, personal and intuitive pen and paper everyday. Noteslate is redefining pen and paper interaction for digital age.