Online MarketPlace for Private Real Estate Debt NoteMarketPlace is an online marketplace for real estate notes. What is a real estate note? It's simply a mortgage. You can buy and sell a mortgage just like you can the property itself. There are billions of dollars in privately (non-bank) owned mortgages in the US, yet there is no substantial place to go to buy and sell them...until now. Why invest in notes? You get interest payments just like the bank...and your investment is secured by real property. No management headaches, maintenance, or dealing with tenants. It's great! NoteMarketPlace enables owners of notes to sell them and it also provides investors the opportunity to get great returns. Why does this matter to our country and our quality of our lives? In my opinion, the more private note owners the better. Borrowers would much prefer to deal with individuals or small companies than large banks. Fewer people would go into foreclosure and payment problems would get worked out much faster.
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