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AI based Note Taking Service NoteFab is an AI based Note taking service that empowers you to take Notes from anywhere and any device, and to securely retrieve those Notes, from anywhere and any device, as you type. So that you can remember everything. Imagine typing: Property I saw in London on King street on December 1 2017 My daughters 13 birthday dinner party Person I met on the train from Paris to Lyon Business meeting at New York W Hotel Web Site of potentially good new client View from our Hotel in Hawaii June of 2015 etc. etc. And instantly having these Notes with Photos of these Notes, that you took 3 days ago or 3 Years ago, at your finger tip, in contrast to spending Hours if not Days looking for these Notes and/or Photos. This Fabulous life where you are organized with your Notes, with your thoughts, so you can be much more productive and indeed more relaxed, is what you get with NoteFab.